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Forum Thread: Build Billy McCoy's AT-ST Walker

This is not my model. I came across this AT-ST Scout Walker by Billy McCoy on Thingiverse. As you can see, it's pretty cool, but Billy's building instructions did not work so well - he'd improved the design, updated the files, but left the build instructions as they were. That made things a little confusing, so I decided to write some myself.

Forum Thread: Gunapult

After all the fuss of the 3D printed gun, I thought; Why not laser cut one? I spent an evening and a morning doodling, prototyping, and generally redefining the meaning of the word "gun" until I came up with this.

Forum Thread: Wooden Heed

Way back in 2007, I made a little paper chap I called Heed the Box. He proved to be a popular little chap, able to store his torso and all his limbs inside his head, but after a comment on my much more recent ring box, I decided to re-visit little Heed in a more durable form.

Forum Thread: Laser Cut Wooden Bow Tie

Browsing Twitter, I came across a comment about a laser cut, wooden bow tie. It was quite nice. Not exactly as I would have made it, but worth thinking about. Within a couple of minutes, I got the same tweet sent to my by Canida. No comment, just... @KitemanX

Forum Thread: Valentine's Heart

I'm a good husband; I always remember our anniversary, and I always remember Valentine's Day. This year, the muse moved me to create a pink acrylic Valentine heart, apparently suspended within a block of clear acrylic.

Forum Thread: Hidden Memory Rings0

Playing with jewellery ideas, I decided I wanted to be able to secrete away something special. Heavily inspired by masynmachien's layered acrylic rings in form, I came up with a modern take on the Victorian obsession with locks of hair, and a ring for carrying a hidden micro-SD memory card.

Forum Thread: Laser Cut Death Star

I wanted to make a model Death Star (because, well, who doesn't?), but I didn't want to spend weeks recreating the original - I like minimalism; I wasn't after a detailed reconstruction, I wanted to make something that captured the essence of the Death Star.

Forum Thread: Cuboid Globe

I was browsing the web, randomly clicking, when I suddenly came across the idea of non-spherical globes - globes of the Earth that are not actually globes - dodecahedrons, octahedrons and cubes.

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