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Forum Thread: How to Remove Clothing Staining Retail Security Ink Tags

Have you ever shopped (or been forced to shop) for hours only to find that the busy cashier forgot to remove the security ink tag from your clothing item once you got home? Who the hell wants to hop back in their car, drive all the way back to the store, park, wait in line (again), then have them remove the tag, leave store, and drive home? Most of us will say no. These videos show you techniques that will help you avoid all of the pain involved in such an inconvenience.

Forum Thread: How Do I Unclog My Shower or Bathtub Drain?

Very often a shower or bathtub drain becomes clogged. Slowly it becomes less efficient in draining the water. So one is faced with two choices once it gets so bad that the water will not drain. You can call a Plummer and pay a bunch of money or do the exact same thing that the Plummer would do.Yourself. can stomach it.

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