Forum Thread: How to Remove Clothing Staining Retail Security Ink Tags

Have you ever shopped (or been forced to shop) for hours only to find that the busy cashier forgot to remove the security ink tag from your clothing item once you got home? Who the hell wants to hop back in their car, drive all the way back to the store, park, wait in line (again), then have them remove the tag, leave store, and drive home? Most of us will say no. These videos show you techniques that will help you avoid all of the pain involved in such an inconvenience.

The method above involves the use of a rotary tool that carves away at the surface of the device. Be sure to wear eye protection and follow all of the associated safety precautions when using all methods in these videos. The method below utilizes a simple hand held grinder to assist in tag removal. Another way not shown here is to burn it off with a lighter or heat up a butter knife and melt the plastic.

The method below uses a RYOBI bench grinder. As you can see it's crucial that you secure the clothing to keep your garment from either being damaged or being wrapped around your rotary tooling causing you injury. These hacks must be done carefully and with extreme caution.

Below, an older shirt was sacrificed in order to demonstrate what an ink capsule will do to a piece of clothing. The capsules don't necessarily explode, they rather leak out then get all over everything. This was an experiment done out of sheer curiosity.

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